Beau Update – Another Week

Here is the link to the update about Beau the dog who Dyersburg, TN are insisting be killed under their illegal vicious dog ordinance.

There is a new pro bono attorney on the case because of this, Beau was granted a one week reprieve on being killed. The judge lifted the stay of execution so unless a miracle happens, Beau will move to heaven on Friday February 6th.



  1. Reblogging, and linking from my blogsot site.

    This makes me sick. This is NOT America.

    • Thanks Andrew, this makes me sick also. I just do not get why they are so intent on killing this dog. I keep thinking about the old song “The Night The Lights When Out In Georgia” by Vicky Lawrence. There was a “backwoods Southern lawyer and a judge with blood stains on his hands” in that song as well.

  2. Reblogged this on Starting The Day With Grace and commented:
    This is SO wrong. Please, PLEASE add your voices to the protest.

    This isn’t just about a dog. This is about city officials who are willing to kill to protect their pride.

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