Saving Beau: Time Is Running Out!


(Author’s Note: I don’t normally use my blog as a political platform but when I got an email update this morning, I knew I had to write a post about Beau.)

Things are getting dyer in Dyersburg, TN for Beau, a 2 year old retriever mix labeled as a vicious dog because he allegedly killed a pet duck of an 8 year old neighbor, attempted to bite the boy and fought animal control when they came to take him away.

However, Dyersburg’s vicious dog ordinance is illegal according to Tennessee law. The city attorney is aware of this fact but continues to pursue Beau’s execution.

There is another hearing on February 3rd but the city has filed a motion to vacate Beau’s stay and execute him immediately.

Here is the link to the most recent legal update giving addresses of city officials. Each one needs a separate letter but the letters can be in the same envelope. Just fold and address each letter to each city official. All correspondence must be kept civil.

And by the way – here is a link to a story about another Dyersburg man having his vicious dog released by the same judge sentencing Beau to death.  

The second dog actually attacked a canine officer and bit another dog.

Beau’s case rests on the word of an 8 year old boy and his 10 year old brother.

No duck remains were ever found. 

The 8 year old was not bitten

I would be angry too if someone came to take me away from my home. 

A behaviorist examined Beau and determined he is not a vicious dog.

Going National

This story has gone viral thanks to social media. However, the national media needs to be contacted in order to be sure they are aware of the story.  Here are phone numbers from an update on Beau’s Facebook page

National News (very important)
ABC 212 456-7777
Fox News 212) 301-3057
LA Times 213) 237-5000
NBC News 202) 885-4548
NPR 202) 513-2300
USA Today 703) 854-3400

Click Here to vote for Beau to be on the cover of Modern Dog magazine. You can vote once every 12 hours. Not sure how long this contest lasts.

Other Links

Link to Karol Wilcox’s Change.org petition  Save Beau

Here is the link to Beau’s Facebook page.  Here is the link to WBBJ’s story on Beau.

The Joy 

Beau’s situation has stirred the emotions of numerous people around the world. People of different races, ethnicities and religions all uniting for a good cause – Saving Beau.

Great and wonderful things happen when people unite to help one another. “God bless us, Every One!”

God bless Beau.

Won’t you please help?

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  1. Michele, thank you for posting this. I’ve reposted, and will share.

    What the city of Dyersburg is doing is wrong on so many levels…they’re doing it to protect a bad decision and not lose face, but more darkly, because they can.

  2. Reblogged this on blessedpureofheart and commented:
    This is important – please get involved. A city should not be able to break state law just because they can, or because its officials want to protect their pride.

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