1 Word For 2015 + 3 Supporting Words

In The Past

“Storm The Bastille” was my 2012 mantra and Elvis’ Steamroller Blues was my theme song. That year I was featured in Cleveland Business Connects (CBC) Magazine.

I do not remember what I chose for 2013’s mantra but 2014’s was God Is Faithful. It was based on a Fret Buster quote from Roy Lessin.

1 Word Or 3 Words

However, this year I decided to pick 1 word as my focus for the year. Numerous people use 1 word to define a New Year instead of a resolution.

Others like Chris Brogan use 3 Words as their focus for the year.

After I picked my word, I was unsure how to apply it to my life. I knew I must do this word, this year – but how? Then I came up with an idea, 1 word supported by 3 words. (Finding different ways to do or look at things is one of my strengths.)

My Word

My word for 2015 is –


I decided on this word because I am sick of just surviving.

It’s been 6 3/4 years since Joe moved to heaven and 5 3/4 since being downsized out of my bank job. The time for survival is over. It is time to thrive.

My 3 Words

The three words that support thrive are:

Intentional – Simplify – Trust

Intentional – I have my friend Jeff Nischwitz to thank for this word. He used it in a blog post and I believe in one of his Daily Wake-Up Calls.

The word stuck with me and means:

Intentional in my actions, words and thoughts.

  • Actions means doing things every day that will change me – devotions, exercise, clean eating and developing an offline network of accomplished people who will help lift me up to their level. (I have a very strong online network.)
  • Thoughts means eliminating negative self talk (NST). I am an expert at NST and that must stop.
  • Words – Best summed up with this verse:

Watch the way you talk. Let nothing foul or dirty come out of your mouth. Say only what helps, each word a gift.

Ephesians 4:29 (The Message)


This means :

  • Clean out inbox and unsubscribe from newsletters that are not benefitting me.
  • Clean out house and have a garage sale or just donate to charity.
  • Clean out people who are not willing to help me thrive. People who say “Don’t worry, be happy!” People who just want me staying at home praying to God so He will drop a care package of cash, food, clothes, etc on my doorstep. (Yes, these people really do exist.)


According to Merriam-Webster (m-w.com) trust means:

assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something

I need to trust:

  • God – He was faithful to me last year, just as He has been ever since I was born.
  • Me – Trust in my ability to make decisions and know God love me and will be with me whether I make good or bad decisions.

Final Thoughts

Enough about words, now it is time for lights, camera, action!

Oh and just for kicks, I might resurrect Elvis’ version of Steamroller Blues as my theme song.  😉

What is your word, words or mantra for 2015?