Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth

Merry Christmas to everyone from Rommie and me.

Special thanks to Ferree Hardy from Widow’s Christian Place for sharing this video on her site yesterday. May her words resonate with you and then go spend the day giving the only gift that matters – yourself. May your loved ones hear your laughter, see your smile, and feel your love.  Please click here to view Joni and Friends video.

After viewing the video, come back here and enjoy this rendition of “Let There Be Peace On Earth.”





1 thought on “Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth”

  1. A wonderful Christmas message, Michele.

    And a very merry Christmas from me, Barbara (human), Ladron, Sylvia, Pitunia JezeBull, Bella the Miracle Dog, Humphalump, Dukee, Denali the Happy Husky, Mr. Independent, Megan the Tank, Princess Rapunzel (aka Snowflake), Reebok, Josie, Bray, Red, Yoda, Daughtrie, Regis, Shelby, Rufus Theodore, Chris, Tammy Roberta, MochaJava, Survivor, Labby (who is a Lab), Bernard the Ninth, and Duke.

    And the cats, Schatzie and Sasquatch.

    And Mr. Turtle.

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