5 thoughts on “God With Us – Eternity’s Sonnet”

      1. Thank you so much!

        As I write this, it is a lovely, quiet Christmas Eve morning. There are fourteen dogs – mainly Pit Bulls – sleeping in the room, and they are dreaming happy dreams. They like it when I write, and they LOVE it when I write and listen to Christmas carols.

        Barbara is still asleep. Zero dark thirty is NOT her preferred time for anything else, but she shall soon rise for her job as an accountant. And I shall continue my job as a writer.

        I thought you might enjoy this brief visit to our Christmas Eve morning. I hope you did!

      2. I did enjoy hearing about your Christmas Eve morning. 14 dogs – wow! My golden retriever is snoozing on the couch now that she had her breakfast.

        There is no job outside the home for me to go, so I will spend the day baking cherry cheesecake tarts and heath bars. My house is quiet except for the noise of the dishwasher.

        Well off to go wrap a couple presents for the nieces and nephews.

      3. We actually have a total of 26…there are eight more in various parts of the house, and four outside. We have a sanctuary for unwanted, abandoned, and abused dogs – mainly Pits. They have a forever home here.

        I, too, do not have an outside job. I was a college teacher for a few years, but illness (terminal, they say, but not bloody likely in my view) has put paid to that. Now I write Christian romance novels, and do a bit of custom aircraft welding and sheet metal.

        They say that a PTSD-haunted combat veteran can’t write romance. I aim to prove ‘them’ wrong.

        Today may see the baking of a gluten-free apple pie, if I can stand long enough. My knee was wrenched yesterday in pursuit of one of the few non-Pits, Rufus the Jack Russell.

        Enjoy your day! And give your Golden a greeting from our guys!

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