5 Minute Friday: Dear Fifi

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Today’s Word

Today’s word is Dear. As I thought about what to write, I remembered what happened 32 years ago today. I was living in Texas and did not get to say a final goodbye. So let this letter be my final “see you later” for I know I will see her later – much later.

Dear Fifi,

It is hard to believe it has been 32 years since you moved to heaven. Your move was unexpected and a shock to us all. Mom, Dad and sister N. and I knew we were going to lose one of our grandparents by years end but we never saw your move coming.

I remember hearing Mom tell us kids how you would climb on the couch and look out the window waiting expectantly for the big yellow monster to “spit” N. and me out.  You greeted us with such enthusiasm and were so happy we were home you just had to bark it out to the neighborhood.

I miss:

  • dressing you up in doll clothes and trying to get you into the baby buggy
  • seeing you prance around like a miniature princess after getting groomed
  • attempting to sleep with you between my legs because you took up so much room that I could only put 1 leg on either side of you.  You must have been part miniature poodle and part slinky the way you could stretch out. My legs have not been the same since.

I do not miss you bring home field mice and baby bunnies and rolling in manure at the horse barn.

Mom is still sorry about making you go swimming in Buckeye Lake but even though you had your “sissy” poodle moments, she expected you to swim like all dogs do and not sink like a rock. You truly were a silver bullet streaking up the hill to safety after she rescued you.

I understand why you had to move to heaven as God needed you to be the official greeter for Grandpa Q. (Dad’s Dad) and Grandma M. (Mom’s Mom) when they arrived at heaven’s gate a couple weeks later.

Now you’ve been joined by Dad and I am sure when he sits in the wingback chair reading heaven’s newspaper you jump up and sit beside him as you did here. 

Well, my 5 minutes is up and I need to go feed your niece Rommie. Until that day (about 30 years from now) when I meet you at heaven’s door, have fun with all the relatives who have joined you. 

You were such a blessing to our family.

We love and miss you and are forever thankful for your unconditional love.

Love, Hugs and Sloppy Wet Kisses, 

Your “sisters” Michele, N. and Mom

The Author and her "sister" Fifi.
The Author and her “sister” Fifi.

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