31 Days of Joy: Day 26 – Chasing Mr. Groundhog

I slept all night.  It was a great night’s sleep, one desperately needed after working 48 hours last week. Upon rising, I fed and watered Rommie, ate breakfast, skipped church, and went to Petco.  After I got home, I moved the computer and lapdesk to my bed and started working on the lessons from the online Business and Marketing Writing course I am taking.

Naptime was around 1:30ish and lasted until approximately 4:50 when the burglar alarm (Rommie) went off. She was at the sliding glass door barking and jumping up and down while looking in the direction of our neighbors. I thought they were outside and Rommie wanted to say hi.  I asked her why she was barking like that at the neighbors.

I opened the sliding glass door and she jumped off the deck into her yard and ran faster than a speeding bullet towards the neighbor’s brown fence. It was then I gasped and held my breath.

You Would Think…

Rommie (golden retriever) has lived with me for 12 years. During that time she caught a bunny, chased numerous kitties that roam the neighborhood, pulled out 2 5-week old kittens from under the deck, and had 3 encounters with the black kitty who has a white stripe down his back.

So you would think that I would learn to look at what she is barking at before opening the door…but nooooo.

The Invader

What captured her attention was Mr. Groundhog.  Instead of being by the fence at the back of Rommie’s yard, he was up close to the house.

I silently prayed for Mr. Groundhog to outrun Rommie and slide under the gate before she caught him while visions of a trip to the emergency vet danced in my head.

Luckily, Mr. Groundhog did slide under the gate to safety. Rommie might be 12 and have hip dysplasia but that did not stop her from chasing Mr. Groundhog.

Here are some old pictures of Mr. Groundhog. There simply was not enough time to grab the camera and take pictures today.

"Hmm, where is that crazy golden?"
“Hmm, where is that crazy golden?”
"Should I or Shouldn't I"
“Should I or Shouldn’t I”


"See Ya!"
“See Ya!”

Thank you God for Rommie not catching Mr. Groundhog.