31 Days of Joy: Day 24 – Joe’s Joy

To my new readers – you are in for a treat with this post.  My long-time readers are familiar with this recipe but it is to good not to share – again.

We are having a potluck at work. When you work in a high-volume call center, you need things like pot-lucks to break up your day.  Taking call, after call, after call, after call, after call, after call can get monotonous – especially on a Saturday.

Time drags more slowly on a Saturday than any other day.  I guess it is because it is the end of a 48 hour week and no one wants to be there.

I will bring Joe’s favorite dessert.  He was not a big sweets eater but these treats were standard fare for Christmas and any time I got myself in the dog house.   😉

I have yet to post a picture of them, because they never last long enough.

Enjoy joy this recipe that mean so much to Joe and gave him a little taste of heaven here on earth.

Cherry Cheesecake Tarts

From kitchen of Michele & Mother–in–Law Mary Kearns. 


1# Cream Cheese Softened

3/4 C Sugar

1 T lemon juice

2 eggs

1 t Vanilla

Vanilla Wafers

1 can Cherry Pie filling


Combine cheese, sugar, lemon, vanilla & eggs in large bowl.

Beat on high speed for EXACTLY 5 minutes.

Line tins with 1 ½ in paper liners, put 1 wafer in each lined tin, fill with 1 T cheese cake mixture.

Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes or until thin cracks appear on top.  Let cool.

Will appear to fall.

Put 1 t of cherry filling on top.

Makes 36.



  • I used to make these often but haven’t in awhile, thanks for the reminder! I used to make them for the fourth of July with whip cream topping, blueberries and cherries – red, white and blue. LOVE THEM!