31 Days of Joy: Day 17 – A Different Friday At Work

Today was a different Friday at work, because it was company picnic day. Boy are my feet shouting about all the walking.

We went over hill, over dale, across a bridge and through the woods to get to the shelter. Then we did more walking after lunch.

While the exercise was good for me, the feet are tired and achy. The muscle behind the left knee is also doing some complaining as I pulled it earlier in the week. Thank goodness for Icy Hot rub and Therma-Care magnetic wraps. The muscle is getting better, just not as a fast as I want.

It was wonderful eating hot dogs and hamburgers in the fresh air and being aware of God’s presence. It is hard to connect with God while wolfing down peanut butter and jelly during a 1/2 hour lunch in the break room.

Well off to bed as my feet want some sleep.

May everyone rest in God’s comfort and joy tonight.


  • I eat lunch every day at my desk, with my door shut and a little sign that says, “Lunch time. Nom nom.” Then I do a couple of puzzles and check email, and that’s a wrap. Your company picnic sounds like a wonderful day to me!

  • I can relate! I spend many lunch breaks eating at my desk. I should make a point to go outside for at least a few minutes!