31 Days of Joy: Day 15 – Golden Joy – A Post By Rommie Kearns

Hi! For those of you new to Mom’s blog, my name is Rommie Kearns and I am Mom’s golden retriever daughter. It gives me great pleasure to hack Mom’s computer from time to time and write my own post.

Mom told me all about this 31 Days of 5 Minute Freewrite challenge that she joined. She explained that since her blog is JoyReturns that she was going to write about joy for 31 days.

31 Days?  Bah Humbug!

Let me tell you about 12 years of golden joy.

In The Beginning

It was 12 years ago on October 14th, that I came to live with Mom and Dad. It was Columbus Day and Mom was off work. She came to pick me up a little after 9 a.m. I was in my kennel waiting for her, the owners separated me from my 7 other sisters.  My 1 brother already found a home.

I was excited when Mom picked me up.  I bounced around the back seat the short drive to my new home. When Mom let me out of the car, I immediately peed on the driveway. Then she showed me my backyard.  I felt blessed because it was so big. Daddy came home from work early and the 3 of us played together.

After supper, we went to the basement. It is cool down there.  Daddy turned on this big thing and it made lots of noise, there were people on the screen. I was startled when he turned it because of all the noise. We use to spend most nights in the basement watching what they call the TV. Daddy loved his TV shows – especially sci-fi.

That was my first day.  It was very exciting and tiring.

Just before bedtime - Move In Day
Just before bedtime – Move In Day


My Cousin’s Visit

About 2 years later, Mom and Dad joined Golden Retrievers In Need and fostered my cousins, who needed temporary homes, until they found a “furever” family.

My first experience being a foster-sister was to “C” & “L” (initials are used for privacy reasons). Yes, Mom and Dad decided to foster a pair. They were suppose to be with us for 2-4 weeks, well it took 7 months to find them a “furever” home.

There were several other foster siblings that came and went during the next few years. It was an adventure as I never knew who Mom would bring home from G.R.I.N’s vet partner.

Ms. Studious

Then on day in December 2007, Mom brought home another “C” (a.k.a Ms. Studious). She was very calm and liked to study people. When she first came to us her ears were so badly infected that her ear flaps were swollen. Daddy had to hold her head very still as Mom put salve in her ears. Once they started to heal, Ms. Studious was better behaved when it came time to give her medicine.

The bad thing about Ms. Studious is she barked at trucks going down the street. She did not like the loud noise they made. Even when the snow plow would come down at 2 a.m. she would run down the hallway barking at it.

After she got well, we had people over to see if they would be interested in adopting her. But the couples had dogs that were high energy and Ms. Studious was very mellow and was never a match for potential families.

Then Daddy got sick.

My Last Picture with Daddy
My Last Picture with Daddy

March 12th, 2008

On March 12th, 2008, Mom came home early from work to get Daddy ready to go to the hospital. He had back issues and could no longer move his legs. Mom was so happy as Daddy was going to the human vet to get fixed (not that kind of fixed).     😉

Daddy petted Ms. Studious and me and then we got put into the spare bedroom. Mom called 911 and several men came to our house. We could hear them but were not allowed out to play with them. After they took Daddy, Mom opened the door and let us out. We jumped on the couch and saw the men in blue put Daddy into this big red truck, with flashy lights.

I never saw my Daddy alive again.

A couple weeks later after Daddy made it through his surgery, blood vessels broke in his brain while he was in rehab. God healed him by taking him to heaven.

A. D. (After Daddy)

Mom has had her ups and downs since Daddy passed. Including losing her job at the bank one year later.

Ms. Studious found her “furever” home 6 weeks after Daddy moved to heaven. I am sure glad she was with me during all the chaos. She kept me company when Mom was at work and at the hospital.

Mom has said I am the reason she got out of bed that first year. She did not want me to go potty in the house.

Mom got back into photography and reading books.  She’s learned blogging and all forms of social media. She picked up her computer skills from Daddy.

We’ve had lots of fun together.

New Year's Self Portrait
New Year’s Self Portrait

Mom thought that self portrait was fun. So she decided to make it a yearly event. However, I’ve not cooperated.

Here’s us playing “tent” like Mom and Auntie “N” did when they were kids.

"Now That I Smiled Pretty - Can We Go Play Ball?"
“Now That I Smiled Pretty – Can We Go Play Ball?”

Here I am investigating an alien landing in my neighbor’s yard.

"Hello There Mr. Green Mylar Balloon"
“Hello There Mr. Green Mylar Balloon”

Wild and Crazy

It’s been a wild and crazy 12 years.  I’ve learned all about tennis balls, how to be a watchdog and retrieve dirty clothes from the basement.

I’ve been blessed with grandparents, aunt’s, uncle’s, cousin’s and neighbor’s, including my BFF – a beagle.

Most importantly, Mom and I thank God for our time together.


I see God in her and she sees God in me and that brings us joy. 

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