31 Days of Joy: Day 14 – Topaz, Rubies & Citrines, Oh My!

Fall color is suppose to be at it’s peak this weekend here in Ohio.  Luckily I am off this weekend. I attempted to get a head start on photographing the color today but failed.

The color of the trees was majestic this morning in a cloudy sunrise.

There were two factors at play:

  • just enough sunlight coming through the clouds
  • just enough of the night’s darkness remaining

Under these conditions the tree’s color took on a deep, rich jewel-tone brilliance. The skyline of the woods behind my house consisted of topaz, rubies, citrines, and peridot, with a few emeralds strategically placed in God’s sunrise. The depth of the trees color came through in a way you do not see during the stark light of day.

What a blessing from God.

Thank you God for revealing your treasure chest of jewels in the trees this morning.