31 Days of Joy: Day 12 – Joy in Rest.

Today is a day of rest after a 48 hour work week. It is 4:56 p.m. and my energy level is finally where I want it.  My job is seasonal and will end probably within a couple weeks, maybe sooner.

I attended church this morning, which is a rarity after working 6 days. Normally I stay snuggled under the covers a couple extra hours. After church I drove to Northpark and walked around the pond taking fall pictures for my other blog – OgleOhio.  

Then it was time for the zoo grocery store. (On a Sunday after church it really is more like a zoo.) Once I got home and ate a sandwich, it was off to bed for a 1 1/2 hour nap.  Rommie and I have been playing tennis ball and watching a movie since I got out of bed.

While there has been rest today, a load or two of laundry needs done as well as a manicure/pedicure before bed. But most importantly it is time to feed Rommie.

Hope everyone had a restful weekend.