31 Days of Joy: Day 8 – Memories of Sleeping Together

The wonderful thing about this time of year is Rommie (golden retriever) gets cold at night.  When she does she jumps into bed with me, well she use to jump into bed.  Because of her hip dysplasia, she puts her 2 front paws up on the bed and I lift her rear end up.  Unfortunately, my master bedroom is too small for a ramp or steps for the bed.

It reminded me of times when Joe, Rommie and I would take a Saturday or Sunday afternoon siesta. The 3 of us laying on our bed drifting off to sleep. It was during those few moments before sleep overtook me that I would lay there thanking God for the special moment and thinking now THIS is heaven on earth!

There was such a deep, joyful peace in my heart as the sandman knocked me out.

It was those warm, sweet memories that came flooding back last night as Rommie snuggled with me – for about 20 minutes then decided she was too warm. The hardwood floor was more comfortable.

Oh well, the weather is only going to get colder and that means there will be nights when she will sleep with me all night.

Rommie enjoying a late summer day.

Rommie enjoying a late summer day.