31 Days of Joy: Day 7 – Joy In An Ordinary Day

Today was an ordinary day.

Rommie and I got up, ate breakfast, and then I went to work.

My days in a high-volume call center was ordinary.  Lots of calls in and lots of machine parts ordered.

I did get my monthly review and it was good. My sales skyrocketed last month and I do not know how I did it. Seriously, I do not know – but God knows how I did it.

And then I came home and Rommie and I had supper. She had her usual, whitefish and sweet potato. (Wellness Dog Food)  I had leftover cheese dip (Rotel Diced Tomato’s and Green Chillies, Velveeta Cheese and ground sausage) over nacho chips.

Then I realize I need to do a Day 7 blog post.  Hmmm..what to write about as God has placed no topic on my heart. He also did not place any special event to write about and thankfully no catastrophe to write about either.

So there’s the joy – just a quiet day when no excess energy needed to be spent putting out fires and running around like a chicken with my head cut off.       😉

Thank you God for the joy in ordinary days.

2 thoughts on “31 Days of Joy: Day 7 – Joy In An Ordinary Day”

  1. “Thank you God for the joy in ordinary days.” – I love this!!! I have not had an ordinary day since taking on the 31 day writing challenge.

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