Joyful June On JoyReturns

Here is what you will find on JoyReturns in June.

Back To School

I am participating in WordPress’ Blogging University “Writing 101”  in an attempt to get back to improve my writing and posting more.  Not sure what topics the professor’s at WordPress will have us write about so you may find posts on very different topics.


Hopefully you will find a new background and header pictures.  Right now you are looking at my “Miss Kim” lilac that Mom bought me a few years ago for my birthday.

However, there are 2 places on my list where I hope to take pictures from interesting angles.


June will kick off tomorrow with my “Joyful Summer Reading List.”  It is a list designed to help bring joy and laughter into your life this summer.

May God bestow numerous blessings on you today my dear friends.