Weekend Wisdom

Memorial Day Spotlight: USS Arizona

Today I want to highlight the USS Arizona memorial and a fact about it’s financing I came across while reading the back of bubble gum cards.

On March 25th, 1961 a concert was held to help raise funds for the construction of the U.S.S. Arizona memorial.  The concert raised $64,000.00.

Now I am a HUGE fan of the man who performed that night but had no idea he helped raise money for the memorial. Then one day as I am sorting through some stuff in the basement, I came across bubble gum cards and started reading the information on the back.  It was one of those cards that I came across this information.

The performer that night – Elvis Presley.

Read all about the concert and the funding for the memorial at ScottyMoore.net

The day after Elvis’ passing the Navy laid a wreath at the memorial in honor of Elvis who served in the Army.