Sewer Rat Series Part 3: Rommie & Michele Mutate Back To Normal

Today is the 3rd installment of the Sewer Rat Series. Rommie and I are mutating back to our normal forms from that of Michaelangelo and Splinter.

“Gone With The Wind”

The dehumidifiers and fans are gone from the basement so the house is quiet again. Never knew how much I appreciated this quiet house until those silver and blue monsters moved in.

Rommie seems happier and spunkier.  She even ate her breakfast this morning, something she has not done in days.  She would however eat dinner.


Now we enter the in-between stage.  The stage of waiting and getting estimates to tear down the basement walls and rebuild them.  Bye-bye to the wallpaper going down the basement steps and bye-bye to Joe’s wallpaper for his man cave that I never liked.

Wallpaper on the way down the basement steps.
Wallpaper on the way down the basement steps.


Wallpaper in Joe's "Man Cave." (light blue and gold diamonds on white background)
Wallpaper in Joe’s “Man Cave.” (light blue and gold diamonds on white background)

Now I get to pick a color and paint the walls. Most likely a shade of white to brighten up the place and make it look bigger. (No, Mom it will not be Sherwin Williams Antique White as it is too dark for the basement.)

My Vision

My vision for the former basement TV room includes 2 corner cupboards, (sitting on top of concrete blocks because the basement will flood again, it’s just a question of when.) a gas fireplace, and a picture of an Irish castle ruins resting on top of the mantle (I already have the picture).

As for furniture, something comfy with legs. When the basement floods, the furniture can be turned over and the legs wiped off.

What My Vision Does Not Include

I do not envision a TV in the room.  This room will be a quiet place to get away and read books or maybe even take up sewing. I found some old t-shirts and sweatshirts that would make great pillows.

“Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again”

This adventure was stressful for both Rommie and me.  If Joe was here, we would have worked our schedules out so both of us were doing 1/2 days instead of me missing 3 days at work. The stress would have been less as we both would have been shouldering it. But it is not possible to have Joe here and there is no man in my life at present with whom to share this adventure.

So this widow goes it alone, pressing onward everyday and working to rebuild and deal with all the challenges life throws at me.

More articles about the basement’s transformation from “Man Cave” to “Michele’s Cave” will be forthcoming.