Maundy Thursday: In the Upper Room by Helen Welshimer

So eloquently written.

The answer to the question is “yes.”

In The Upper Room

Perhaps at first they talked of little things

At suppertime that evening in the spring.

The upper room was dim with candle-shine

As Jesus sat with twelve, remembering.

Then quietly He said, “There is one here

Whose kiss will bring betrayal by and by.”

They did not look at Judas curiously,

But each man murmured, “Master, is it I?”

Each one look inward, frightened lest he find

A shoddy place where he had dreamed of steel.

None placed the guilt on any other guest

Who had partaken of that gracious meal.

When there are hungry on my little street,

When I see tears or hear a heart’s hurt cry

Because someone has failed to keep high faith,

May I, too murmur, “Master, is it I?”

Helen Welshimer

(from “The Glory of Easter”

Melinda Rathjen, Editor

Ideals Publications

A Guideposts Company)