Meditating With Mozart

Saturday was a cold, snowy day which turned into an even snowier evening, with tiny flakes falling as steady as a spring rain.

After supper Rommie and I retired to bed.  It is the one piece of furniture we can both comfortably stretch out on together. Instead of jumping on the bed she might decide it is time to play ball, other times she will lie down on her bed or the hardwood floor. We do not go to sleep but just relax.  I will write, read a book, or watch a movie on my Kindle.

While reading or writing I will usually play “Mozart: The Complete Piano Sonatas” by Carmen Piazzini. Keeping the volume is just loud enough to provide some background noise.

Saturday night, after doing some reading, I closed my eyes and focused on Mozart. I concentrated on the lovely, delicate, well-played pieces, letting the sound take over my whole body. I felt lousy but just relaxing and emptying my cluttered mind helped me feel better. At some point I did fall asleep but did not for long.

I started doing meditation a couple weeks ago to keep my brain calm, centered and focused. Like most introverts, it runs a million miles an hour in a million different directions and if my mind is emptied of all thoughts it is better able to hear God’s voice.

If you are grieving or have a chaotic life,  try spending at least a few minutes meditating with Mozart or even just in silence. Do it a few minutes a day and I bet you will eventually hear God speaking to you.

You never know what you will hear God say after you empty your cluttered mind.