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My Theme For Lent – “Regeneration”

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and a lot of people give up something for Lent.  However, I do not believe in giving up something for Lent.

I believe in taking up something because Jesus took up the cross for us.

I believe we should take up something that draws us closer in our relationship with God.

I believe taking up something is more valuable and productive than giving up chocolate, coffee or vegetables for Lent.

Here are the things I will be doing during Lent to mentally, physically and spiritually regenerate.   


  • “The Valley of Vision, A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions”  Arthur Bennett.  This book is wonderful but it is not a book you breeze through even in 40 days.  I will be studying “Section 10: A Weeks Shared Prayers.”  This section consists of 2 prayers a day one in the morning and one at night. This section will be studied every week through lent.
  • Regeneration” This is one of my favorite prayers from the book and will be studied around lunchtime.  It is posted on my bulletin board. It ends with what I desire:

“Help me to walk by thy side, lean on thy arm, hold converse with thee,

That henceforth I may be the salt of the earth and a blessing to all”

  • “Psalms of Comfort for the Weary” – This list can be found on  It is 31 days of Psalms. I was all over this when it came in my inbox the other day.  You are to write out the verse for the day. It is a good list and I recommend it for anyone struggling with grief, job search or any other nasty life event.

Quiet Time

More quiet time with God. We are not the best of friends lately due to my frustration with the job search. Maybe with more quiet time we can repair what’s broken – me!

Writing Daily

This is going to be tough.  It also does not mean you will find a post in your mail every day.  It just means I am going to force myself to write every day. When I was blogging daily I was more productive.

Once I went back to work in January 2013, it became too much and I switched to once a week.  Then I found myself slacking off on writing.

So this lent my goal is to write something that is worthy of being published once a day. Hopefully by doing this for 40 days, I will continue after Easter.


Once again I will read Kay Warren’s “Choose Joy Because Happiness Isn’t Enough.” This is a book I need to re-read once a year. I am not totally on board with her definition of Joy as it leaves no room for man to exercise the freewill God gives, at least the way I interpret her definition. Other than that it is a wonderful book and my copy is filled with sticky notes, yellow highlighter and notes in the margin.


At some point during Lent, I hope to get back to morning k-l-a-w’s with Rommie (yes, in my house there is one word that is not only spelled but spelled backwards.)

However the temperature needs to warm up considerably as my sinus’ get inflamed when I go for walks in cold weather. Then I have a sinus infection for a week.

Girly Things

It might be Lent but I still need time to press the play button on life.

  • Weekly Spa Nights – this is something I did on Sunday nights when Joe was alive. I got away from it after his passing because by the end of the day I was too tired to soak in the tub and do my nails. I do not know that I will paint my nails but I will at least be relaxing and reading a book.
  • Lipstick – One of my neighbors always made sure she had lipstick on when she went to get the mail. It was the finishing touch and made her look together. For lent, I will be like her.  Lip gloss during the day and lipstick at night.

So there is my agenda for Lent that I am praying will help regenerate me.


What will you take up instead of giving up in hopes of regenerating yourself?