Another Day – Another Snowstorm

Another round of snow – what joy! The official storm warning does not take effect until 8 p.m. Eastern but it is already snowing tiny flakes.

Parking bans are in effect in some cities and the roads are pre-treated with salt. Snow plows are ready to go – again. Most likely schools will be closed on Wednesday – again. Maybe we get 4 inches but most likely somewhere between 10 – 13 inches. Then we get to do this again on Sunday/Monday when yet another storm comes calling.

Rommie has the snow from previous storms packed down and is anxiously awaiting some fresh power in which to romp around.

2/4/14 @ 5:15ish
2/4/14 @ 5:15ish

I love snow days when I can just stay home and curl up under the covers with a good book.  However, this is getting ridiculous. Even I, the introvert, am getting cabin fever. I need to be attending networking events and having lunch with different contacts in order to find a job.

Well off to find a movie to watch, most likely The Peacemaker with George Clooney and Nicole Kidman. Nothing like a George Clooney movie to keep you warm on a cold winter’s night.     😉

Stay tuned as there may possibly be more pictures from this most recent storm.


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