The Heart of a Child

May this short but powerful post by fellow blogger Bonnie Dean, touch your heart as it did mine.

Memory Bears by Bonnie

It was only a couple of weeks ago that they told him his father had to go away and wouldn’t be able to be here with him anymore. He somehow knew that they were telling him that his daddy had died, but didn’t think he was old enough to understand.

He sat there quiet and still, looking out the window wishing his daddy could be there with him. A tear spilled over his eyelid and began a slow journey down his small cheek. Soon, it was followed by another one…then, another.

The house was quiet as everyone else was still sleeping. He had awoke earlier than usual and as softly as he could, made his way down to the kitchen with his new friend that his mom had given him to remind him of his daddy. It even had his daddy’s shirt on. It was just a bear, but somehow…

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