“Now Then” – A Winning NaNoWriMo Excerpt

Please read this book excerpt by my friend Gabriana. If anyone has publishing industry connections, please contact Gabriana directly.

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During November, I “won” NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) by writing 50,000 words of my novel “Now Then.”

A struggling 20-something becomes an instant caregiver when her fiercely independent mother is diagnosed with brain cancer. Finding humor and hope in the darkness, their struggles and adventures are interwoven with glimpses of their unique relationship before their role reversal. “Now Then” is based on true events.

I hope you enjoy this short excerpt:

Now Then Cover

{The Call}

Buzz, buzz, buzz. My cell phone vibrated. It was inside my purse and on silent. Though I had a pretty good feeling it was my mother, even without the Knarls Barkley (I think you’re) Crazy song ringtone I’d secretly assigned playing. I couldn’t quite explain it, and I knew it sounded eerie, but somehow I just knew it was my mother.

Buzz, buzz, buzz. The phone taunted me as I rummaged through the depths…

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