What Rommie & I Will Be Watching On New Year’s Eve

Two weeks from today, Christmas will be over. You made it through Christmas and hopefully had a wonderful time with family and/or friends.

Now it is on to New Year’s.

If you have not made plans for New Year’s Eve and Day, do so now.

New Year’s 2008

Not much to say about my New Year’s Eve celebration that year.  Rommie and I were watching the inside of our eyelids at about 9:30 that night.

In 2009 and 2010 Rommie and I stayed up but it was painful. New Year’s Eve is a couple’s night and I am no longer a couple.  So 2011 and 2012 saw Rommie and I in bed early.  

New Year’s 2013

This year will be no different. After dinner I will stretch out on the bed and read books, do some writing or maybe I will do a manicure/pedicure.

We will once again be watching the inside of our eyelids by midnight.

Your Plan

It does not matter what your plans are, just as long as you have them.  Do what you feel you have the strength to do this New Year’s Eve.

(P.S. Dad always said he was going to go watch the inside of his eyelids just before he went to bed.)

(Coming Tomorrow: “It’s Friday The 13th, Hallelujah!”)