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How To Handle Christmas Parties

Sing hey!  Sing hey!
For Christmas Day;
Twine mistletoe and holly.
For a friendship glows
In winter snows,
And so let’s all be jolly!

Author Unknown

If you are grieving this holiday season, you are probably not feeling very jolly. Now you find yourself inundated with party invites from friends and business acquaintances. What do you do?

You do what you have the strength to do.

Here are some suggestions for handling party invites, some of which I learned in GriefShare.

Party Invites From Friends 

Option 1 – The Party Animal – If  you feel up to going to all the parties, then do it.  God bless you for having a party animal spirit this year.

Option 2 – Private Party – Arrange a time to stop by your host’s house and spend about 30 minutes having coffee, cocoa or tea.  You might even bring a box of your favorite drink as a thank you gift.  Let your host know you enjoyed past parties and want an invite next year. Inform her it is just going to take some time to enjoy the season’s festivities again.

Option 3 – Be Picky – Pick and choose which parties to attend.  For those invitations you decline let the host know you appreciate their hospitality but can not handle the number of parties as in year’s past.

Company Parties

Client Is The Host – Talk with your boss to see if you have to attend. If you do then let your boss know how long you think you can handle being in a festive environment.

Company Sponsored – If your company’s Christmas party is a catered lunch, then fix yourself a plate and go back to your desk and eat if you do not feel up to being around jolly co-workers. If your company is having a party at a restaurant, then make an appearance and stay for a short time.

In all circumstances DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL!

It is a depressant and the last thing you need.

Final Thoughts

You will enjoy attending parties again but it is going to take some time.

Remember your loved one wants you to move forward with life and isolating yourself from parties year after year is not moving forward.

Life is to be lived – so live it to the fullest even in tough times. 

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