What’s On My Bookshelf: A Glimpse Into Michele’s Mind

Bookshelf Over My Desk
Bookshelf Over My Desk

Today I am linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy for a post about what is on my bookshelf.  Actually, I have several shelves and moved a few of my favorite books over to the shelf above my desk. Here’s a little background about me and books followed by a closer look at my selections.

Books & Marriage Didn’t Mix

During my marriage to Joe I think I read one book because we watched so much television together.  I would read the “fluff” magazines, Vogue, Allure, and Elle while soaking in the tub on Sunday’s during “Spa Night” but that was the extent of my reading.

I slowly went back to reading after Joe passed. When I was laid off in 2009, I dove head first into books, blogs and magazines attempting to figure out who I was as a person and a professional.  My shelves are filled with a variety of fiction and non-fiction but most books pertain to grief, career, social media, and Christianity. (Thanks Mom for the tall bookcase you gave me while cleaning out your house.)

As I told my friend Lisa Ryan “I find myself overdosing on books.”  I have read most of these over the past few years.  There are a couple I am reading and some I frequently use for “Weekend Wisdom.”


There are two books missing from my pictures.  I turned the house upside down to find my copy of “Discovering Your Dawn” by Katherine Miracle and “Postcards From the Widow’s Path” by Ferree Hardy of but was unable to find them.

In Picture One

Bookshelf #1
Bookshelf #1
  • “Finding Hope in Times of Grief”  Preston and Glenda Parrish
  • “The Elements of Style” Strunk and White
  • “The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success”   Wayne Breitbarth
  • “through a season of grief” bill dunn & Kathy leonard
  • “Happier at Home” & “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin
  • “Start With Why” Simon Sinek
  • “Choose Joy Because Happiness Isn’t Enough”  Kay Warren
  • “Choosing Joy”  Angela Thomas
  • “Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs”  Peter Cappelli
  • “The Book of Positive Quotations”  compiled and arranged by John Cook
  • “the blogging church; sharing the story of your church through blogs” Brian Bailey withTerry Storch
  • “fresh Hope…Cleveland, Resources to Help You Navigate Through Unsettled Times” Nanci J. Gravill
  • “Moonlight and Rememberance”, “The Honey Sutras”  “What Holds Us” and “The Joy Book” by Ingrid Goff-Maidoff

In Picture 2


  • “The Yahoo! Style Guide” Chris Barr and the Senior Editors of Yahoo!
  • “Promises From God For Women”  Compiled by Wilma le Roux and Lynette Douglas
  • “Poems that will save  your Life” Edited by John Boyes
  • “100 Favorite Bible Verses”
  • “The E Myth Revisted”  Michael E. Gerber
  • “Reach Beyond Your Grasp”  M. Blaine Smith
  • “The Christian’s Career Journey, Finding the Job God Designed for You”  Susan Whitcomb
  • “The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking”  Susan Cain
  • “The Impact Equation”  Christ Brogan and Julien Smith
  • “Careerealism, The Smart Approach To A Satisfying Career” Jeanine Tanner O’Donnell
  • “self-promotion for introverts” Nancy Ancowit
  • “Launch, How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond The Competition” Michael Stelzner
  • Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies” Joshua Waldman

In Picture 3

More Books From Michele's Collection
More Books From Michele’s Collection
  • “The Character of Leadership, An Ancient Model for a Quantum Age”    Philip H. Eastman II
  • “Praying Through The Tough Times”  Lloyd John Ogilvie
  • “NIV Study Bible” Zondervan (publishers)
  • “The Valley of Vision “  Arthur Bennett
  • “Who Do You Think You Are?”  Mark Driscoll – currently studying this in a class a church
  • “Brand Against The Machine: How to Build Your Brand, Cut Through the Marketing Noise, and Stand out from the Competition”  John Morgan
  • “The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes” and “The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes”  Bill Watterson

Then Along Came A Kindle

Some of what is on my Kindle (given to me Christmas 2012 by my most awesome brother and sister in-law):

  • “Positive Living Day by Day”        Norman Vincent Peale
  • “Positive Thinking Every Day”       Norman Vincent Peale
  • “Forever: Why You Can’t Live Without It”             Paul David Tripp
  • “Seeking Philbert Woodbead”, “Penelope” and “The Wicked Wager”      Anya Wylde
  • “The Upside of Down Times: Discovering the Power of Gratitude”  and “Afraid to Speak to Paid to Speak: How Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety Boosts Your Confidence and Career”          Lisa Ryan
  • “Emma”               Jane Austen
  • “I Have People”     Taylor Dean
  • “Today We Are Rich: Harnessing the Power of Total Confidence”    Tim Sanders
  • “The Romanov Conspiracy: A Thriller”     Glenn Meade
  • “Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead”    Brene Brown
  • “The Second Chance Café (A Hope Springs Novel)  Alison Kent
  • “Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson”            Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • “Abraham Lincoln: Quotes, Quips and Speeches”   Abraham Lincoln; Gordon Leidner
  • “The Apple Tree: Raising 5 Kids with Disabilities and Remaining Sane”  Linda Petersen
  • “Biscuit’s Snowy Day”     Alyssa Satin Capucilli
  • “Getting to the Other Side of Grief: Overcoming the Loss of a Spouse”   Robert C. DeVries, D.Min., PhD. and Susan Zonnebelt-Smeenge, R.N., Ed.D.

The Critters In The Background

The critters you see in the post’s header image are a glass golden retriever, Jeremiah the bullfrog and his little buddy.  Also seen in the background is my Post-It-Note calendar for the special series “40 Days of Joy” starting 11/23.

Hopefully this glimpse into my mind was not too scary.            😉

Have a joyous day and may it be filled with lot and lots of books.