Farewell “Spirit Of Goodyear” – My Blimp Story

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is retiring their blimp the “Spirit Of Goodyear.”  It is on a 2 week journey to Florida where it will enjoy lounging in the sun.

The message on the blimp as it flew over Akron, OH yesterday was “Thanks for the memories, Akron.”  To which I reply, “Thank YOU Spirit of Goodyear for the memory.”

It was May of 2009 (14 months after Joe’s passing) and I had just gotten home from a women’s renewal at church.  I felt great after listening to speakers and meeting other women who needed to either renew or refresh their faith or who gave their life to Christ for the first time.

I ran to investigate a noise coming from the back of the house.  When I looked up I saw the blimp.  I took it as a sign from God that it was going to be a “Good Year” and everything would be alright.

The blimp also caught Rommie’s attention.

So enjoy these pictures and once again – Thanks for the memory, Spirit of Goodyear.  Bon Voyage!

Here is a link to a news article about the blimp from newsnet5.com.  It contains video shot from inside.  

"Spirit of Goodyear"
“Spirit of Goodyear”
Underside of the Blimp
Underside of the Blimp
Blimp Over House
Blimp Over House
"Hey Goodyear Blimp, Thank you for making my Mom's Day." Love Rommie
“Hey Goodyear Blimp, Thank you for making my Mom’s Day.” Love Rommie