Back To Freelancing & Other Plans For 2013 & 2014

When Joe passed in 2008, I started looking at life one year at a time.

Five years later and one year at a time how I still look at life, but I do not start thinking about the next year until Labor Day.

Well, Labor Day is over and it is time to start looking at the remaining months of 2013 and any changes that need made.  Then time to work on 2014’s plans.


There are 2 changes I will make yet this year.  One is getting back to freelance editing work. It is easier to insert, delete and format blog posts that are already written than it is to come up with new articles. Besides doing freelance work can be done from home, taking no more time away from Rommie. She is alone enough during the day.

“Who Do You Think You Are?”

The other is attending a small group class at church studying the book Who Do You Think You Are? Finding Your True Identity in Christ by Mark Driscoll.   Depending upon how good this class is, you might find a couple of posts about what I learn.

Career & Romance/Significant Other

I have no changes planned for my main job as loan officer nor do I have plans to date again before year’s end; unless I decide to indulge the married man in my life in his fantasies. (Don’t worry, “marriage buster upper is not a title I want.)  Older married men have always been attracted to me while men my age see me as Medusa and have since high school. Joe was the exception, he realized early on in our relationship that I was someone special and he wanted me in his life until death do us part.

Here’s How 2014 Looks – So Far.

I plan on being employed at my current job next year.  Hopefully it will last all year, but I know that every job is temporary and life can change in the time it takes to press the “play” button on the answering machine. (This is how my adventures through widowhood started.)

I also will do freelance work during the evenings.

JoyReturns will still be around and hopefully you will notice a big improvement in this blog next year.  Not sure yet what that entails but I must pay more attention to this blog than what I have this year.

My New Project Launching In 2014

I am working on starting a group for widows who recognize this is a unique time in their lives and want to seize the opportunity for personal and/or professional growth. The group will meet once a month for two hours and stay in contact via email and a LinkedIn group.

There will be advisors and they too will have an intimate knowledge of working through grief as the result of a loved one’s death, and have reinvented themselves.

Are you interested in being an Advisor or an Affiliate (those whom grief has not humbled) please contact me at michele dot kearns

You will be hearing more about this group before the end of the year.

Well that is what I am planning for 2014 at this point in time. Plans are subject to change.

Are you thinking ahead to next year yet or is it too soon?

Have a joy filled week.