How I Get A Good Night’s Sleep

While working on this post, I came across the following quote:

“The tree that is beside the running water is fresher and gives more fruit.”Saint Teresa of Avila

It describes how I feel in the mornings – fresher and able to be more productive in the day.

How did I get to feel this way?  Read on.

My Vision

For years I envisioned a sea green cottage with white trim and shutters, sitting on a cliff over-looking a waterfall.

Most details of this vision were quite clear. As you entered through the front door, you stepped into a foyer.  On the left was the living room, straight ahead were stairs.

The living room floor was hardwood and on the left wall was a fireplace with over-stuffed chairs positioned in front of it.  As you walked through the living room you came into the kitchen/breakfast nook area.  A sliding glass door, off the nook area, lead to a patio with a  nice view of the falls.

The only thing the falls had in common with Niagara was the horse shoe shape.  But the falls did not take up the whole horse shoe only the middle part.  A steady stream of crystal clear water poured over the cliff into the river below.

However the best view of the falls was from the master bedroom which ran the length of the cottage.  To get there you walked up the steps across from the front door. On the back wall was a bed and on either side were bookcases and French doors. The doors opened out onto a balcony that overlooked the falls. On the balcony were white reclining chairs and a round table with an umbrella in the center and four chairs around the table.


I could never figure out the meaning behind what I envisioned. I doubt I will ever have a house over-looking a waterfall. With my luck the cliff would erode and my house would slide down into the river.


Then several weeks ago I read an article about sleeping with the sound of a waterfall or ocean waves playing.  It does something to the Theta brain waves resulting in a good night’s sleep. (If I can find the article I will post a link to it.)


I have on my Kindle “Relax Melodies Premium” which I downloaded several months ago.    One night I put on the waterfall sound and set the time for 1 hour. I slept alright but nothing to brag about.

One night I slept very well and woke up refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated. Then I heard a noise and realized I had forgotten to set the timer. Sleeping with the waterfall on all night was the key.

Now every night I sleep with the waterfall sound on and am amazed at how well I sleep. If this keeps up I just might turn into a morning person.  (Mom is laughing at that thought, as I was not a morning person even as a baby.)

I  have more energy and stamina.  It feels as though I can take on the world. Maybe all these years my mind was trying to tell me something.

Grief & Sleep

This is one of those things I wish I had known about 5 1/2 years ago when Joe moved to heaven.  I wonder what impact sleeping well would have had on my first year of grief? My weekends consisted of mostly sitting around conserving energy so I would have enough to get through the next work week. Would I have been more productive both at work and home during the first year if I had slept better?  We’ll never know.

Sleep & Job Search

I also wonder what a good night’s sleep would have had on my job search. Would it have boosted my confidence? Would it have had an impact on my networking? Would I have performed better in interviews, resulting in being gainfully employed sooner? Again, I will never know.

All I can do not is move forward and use this new found energy, desire and stamina to live up to my mantra “Make a Joyful Impact.”

What I Thought I Needed For Sleep

I thought I needed a man in bed in order to get a good night’s sleep – turns out all I needed was a waterfall.           😉


I recommend sleeping with a waterfall either via Kindle or a sound machine. I was able to easily fall back asleep after my neighbor on the corner had a party a couple weeks ago.  Their laughter woke me up a 1 a.m. but I shortly thereafter I was fast asleep.

If you follow my recommendation, may you feel refreshed and ready to take on the world every morning.


Guess what has been the image as my laptop’s background for months?


Waterfall On My Computer