The “Cliff Notes” Version Of The Story Behind This Blog

Over the past couple weeks I have gained a lot of new followers so I thought I would publish the “Cliff Notes” version of the inspiration for this blog.

“Cliff Notes”

  • March 2008 had back surgery and went to rehab.
  • March 27th, 2008 I saw him in evening and he attitude was awesome. We had a great evening together in rehab.
  • Morning March 28th, the staff took him is breakfast and meds about 6:30 then went back to get him for therapy about 8 a.m. By then blood vessels ruptured at the base of his brain causing a stroke.  The CAT scan tech immediately wrote “unrecoverable” on his chart.
  • 5 p.m. March 28th, I come home from my job and press the button on the answering machine.  There are 2 messages from his doctors stating I need to get in right away as Joe had “taken sick” and was in “grave condition.”
  • The doctors claimed they only had our home # in Joe’s file and not my cell or work numbers.


I am grateful for the 14 3/4 years we had together but more would have been wonderful.
I started this blog as a way to:
  • help support widows
  • educate society about grief
  • how to help grieving people
  • prove to potential employers I can learn new technology (for you see I was laid off 1 year after Joe’s passing.)
Well that is my story in a nutshell.  Let me assure you, the sudden passing of a spouse is hell. I knew that if I outlived him it would hurt, well it does not hurt – it is excruciatingly painful both mentally and physically.
So for you new folks, check out the “Start Here” page which contains links to various post that will give you more insight into what happened and my quirky sense of humor.
So hug, kiss, cuddle and hold hands with with your spouse A LOT, because if you outlive him/her, those little things are what you will miss the most.

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