Happy Birthday Rommie!

(Author’s Note: Header image is of shells brought back from Myrtle Beach by most awesome neighbors!  Thank you!)


Rommie is 11 yrs old today.  I never imagined the blessing she would be to both Joe and me.  Words can not describe how she has helped me since  Joe’s passing.

We played ball this weekend, but she does not run around anymore as her hips are more of an issue this year.  She chased some balls and took a dip in her pool but otherwise she was content to just lay in the shade.

“It’s my birthday! Yipppeeee!!!!!!
Time to cool off

It is fine that we had a quiet weekend because we will party with my Mom later this month.

So Happy Birthday my golden girl!  I will always love you.

Have a joyful week everyone and I will always love you too.

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