Stolen Cemetery Vases

Last Friday night upon arriving home from work, I let Rommie out and fed her. It was a peaceful start to the weekend.

Then the phone rang – it was my friend Gina.

She wanted to know if I had heard the news.  I asked “What news?”  She stated 2 area cemetery’s had numerous bronze vases stolen along with a 200 lb. plaque.

One of the cemeteries was the one where Joe is buried.

I thanked her for the call and stated as soon as I got Rommie settled, I would drive out to the cemetery.

On my way, I wondered out loud who the low-down, dirty, rotten, scum-bags were that did this evil deed.  Yes the economy still sucks but I can not imagine being desperate enough to rape the dead.

What I Found

The vase on our marker is still there and the pretty pink & yellow silk flower arrangement, I did for Easter, is also still there.

I looked and did not see any vases around our site disturbed, so I walked around and finally found at least 12 that were missing. The chains that attached the vases to the markers were cut.

The vases containing arrangements were missing but the arrangements were not. The “kindly” folks who did evil deed, left the silk flowers in the hole for the vases.

What slap in the face to the family members.


The robbers did their “smash and grab” in the back of the cemetery.  All the graves were along the road or one or two plots in from the road.

These thieves were in a hurry to get in and out before one of the neighbors heard them and/or the police made their rounds, so robbing graves in the middle of the cemetery was too risky.

When picking out plots for you or a loved one – do not pick roadside ones.  Pick ones as far from the road as possible.   Even if you do this, there is no guarantee someone will not steal your vase.  However, I believe it lessens your family’s chance of being a victim.


I will let you know if these dirty, rotten, scoundrels get caught.  Hopefully scrap metal dealers will not buy bronze vases when someone attempts to sell them.

Cemetery Rating

The cemetery where Joe is buried, and where someday I will be buried, is well maintained. The staff is very professional and courteous. It looks more like a park with all the trees, geese and multiple ponds.  I have no issues with the cemetery and highly recommend it to any Northeast Ohio resident.