Merry June 25th!

Yes, 6 months from today is Christmas.

Now if you became a widow since last Christmas, I know you are dreading this one.

However, you have a chance to plan for the big day. Planning is key to surviving the holidays.

3 Ideas

Here are 3 simple ideas to keep in mind.

  • 1 – Acknowledge Christmas is 6 months from today.
  • 2 – Take comfort in knowing you only have to do what you have the strength to do during the holidays.
  • 3 – Start brainstorming what you might want to do this season.  You do not have to keep the same traditions, starting new ones are perfectly acceptable.

There Is Still Plenty Of Time

You do not have to make any final decisions today or anytime soon.

You simply need to slowly start coming to terms with that the holiday season will come again even though your spouse now resides in heaven.

And that is enough for now.

God bless the recent widows with comfort and joy. 

Coming July 25th,  “A Resource For Help With Christmas.”


  • This is so touching. Preparing for the holidays, the first one without a loved one, would be difficult. Your coping suggestions are so beautiful -> “you only have to do what you have the strength to do”
    Wonderful post ~ thanks for sharing this wisdom 🙂

    • It is very difficult preparing for the first holiday season. But the earlier one starts, the easier it is to cope. Thanks for stopping by an commenting.