Weekend Wisdom: Grace At Evening – Edward A. Guest

Here is another poem by Edgar A. Guest.  He was my maternal grandfather’s favorite poet and after reading more poems and knowing my grandfather’s belief’s and values, I understand why he enjoyed Mr. Guest’s poems.

Today’s poem is perfect for families who still believe in gathering around the dinner table.

Enjoy and Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom, Sister, and all the mother’s everywhere – God bless you today and always.

Grace At Evening

For all the beauties of the day,
The innocence of childhood’s play,
For health and strength and laughter sweet,
Dear Lord, our thanks we now repeat.

For this our daily gift of food
We offer now our gratitude,
For all the blessings we have known
Our debt of gratefulness we own.

Here at the table now we pray,
Keep us together down the way;
May this, our family circle, be
Held fast by love and unity.

Grant, when the shades of night shall fall,
Sweet be the dreams of one and all;
And when another day shall break
Unto Thy service may we wake.

Edgar Albert Guest