Weekend Wisdom For Good Friday: Gethsemane – Michael Crawford

In 1991, I had the privilege of seeing Mr. Crawford (Tony-Award winner for “Phantom of the Opera”) perform this song from “Jesus Christ Superstar” during a concert in Cleveland.  He started the show with this song.  I was lucky enough to have a seat within the first 5 rows.   The concert was spectacular.

Enjoy this powerful song sung by one musical theater’s great stars.


  • I like Michael Crawford but he cannot sing falsetto so therefore doesn’t sing this song successfully! Steve Balsamo, Ted Neeley and Ben Forster are the best Jesus’s!

    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

      Ted Neeley is the only name that sounds familiar. I will always be partial to Michael because Phantom of the Opera meant so much to my late husband Joe and me.

      All God’s best to you.

      • No problem! I LOVE JCS it’s my favourite Andrew Lloyd Webber musical! Steve Balsamo played Jesus in the 1996/1997 London cast and Ben Forster won the role of Jesus in the UK talent search ITV Superstar and has played the role 2012 in the UK arena tour. He will reprise the part in May/June in the Australian tour. I’m seeing that cast when they re-tour the UK this October!

  • Amazing for your mother to see how you grow everyday. Happy Easter to my first born. I love you more each day.