Christ Is Risen – Grace Noll Crowell

Christ Is Risen

Grace Noll Crowell

Often through life we have our own dark garden:

Our own Gethsemane, 

With no hint at all of an early springtime morning, 

Silvering bush and tree. 

Then suddenly a startling cry is lifting

To meet our desperate need…

The words right crystal-clear: “Christ is risen!”

And Christ is risen indeed. 

We see the stone rolled from the darkened caver, 

An angel, clothed in white,

Has been sent down from heaven by the Father

To give new hope, new light

To all who sorrow, and our weeping ceases. 

We are no longer sad…

The greatest news broadcast throughout the ages

Has made us glad. 

Christ is risen, the blessed Christ is risen. 

Cry it aloud.  Oh, emphasize each word!

Lift as one voice a hallelujah chorus

Until the last lone seeking heart has heard.