Why I Did Not Watch The Super Bowl

This is one person who did not watch the game last night – not even for the commercials.

Every football season I watch 2 or 3 games and then lose interest.  It is quite common for a widow to lose interest in the things she and her husband did after he moves to heaven.

However football was not something I developed an interest in once Joe and I became a couple.  I watched football before Joe came into my life – including the Super Bowl.

Guess my interests have changed.

What Are My Interests?

My interests are music, church, reading, writing, blogging, photography and golden retrievers.  If a man comes into my life, he must have the same interests because I am not giving up mine.


What did I do instead?  I did freelance writing, working on copy for a website being redesigned. I did not earn millions of dollars for my work but I helped someone, which to me is priceless.

Hopefully you enjoyed the game.   Maybe next year my interest in watching it will return.  It better return as the Cleveland Browns will not only be in the 2014 Super Bowl but will WIN IT!                       😉

Have a wonderful week.

People with many interests live, not only the longest, but happiest

George Matthew Allen