Blessed With Another Award

It’s award season again and not just in Hollywood but here on JoyReturns as well.  I am now a two-time Versatile Blogger Award winner thanks to Michael Erb of Me and the Boss.

Michael’s motivational blog is very down to earth.  It contains no fluff just simple, straight-forward, easy to understand quotes, poems and thoughts.

Thank you Michael for a wonderful blog and keep the motivation coming because the world needs you and your blog.

Now I need to list 15 blogs I’ve started following.  Well with the recent change in lifestyle here, I’ve only followed Michael’s and Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities, which I’ve already written about.  So I will have to catch up on the 15 at a later date.

Also I need to reveal 7 things about me.

  • My favorite perfume is Sensuous by Estee Lauder because it smells like a hug.
  • I belong to Positive Thinkers Network.
  • I work as a Virtual Associate for Jennasis and Associates doing blog consulting, editing articles for clients and writing blog articles for the Jennasis site.
  • I am passionate about chocolate covered cherries.
  • I am content living in Ohio despite having to live with the winter funk.
  • Finally, my new favorite Christian song is “10,000 Reasons” by Matt Redman

Have a joy filled week.