A Big Hunk Of Winter Funk Hits Ohio

“It’s cold in here Mama! Where’s the heat?!”

Key West

Village People

“Won’t You Take Me To Funkytown”

Yes the winter funk has hit Ohio. The past few days have seen snow, single digits and wind chills below zero.  The weathermen call it Alberta Clipper and/or Lake Effect Snow but the heck with technical terms, what it really hit us was the winter funk.

Even my car is unhappy.  She starts but I hear her complaining that she would just rather sit in the garage all day instead of sloshing around the snowy streets.  I do not blame her, I would rather stay in and snuggle with Rommie during weather like this but alas, someone has to bring home the moola to pay for dog treats.       😉

“Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

Not to fear, the winter funk will clear out by Tuesday when it is suppose to be rainy and 50 degrees.  This means the snow and ice we have plus the 1 -3 inches we get today will melt and melt fast.  Since the ground is frozen solid there will be no place for the rain and melting ice and snow to go. So we will be singing:

“The tide is high but I’m holding on”


Oh well, such is life when the Winter Funk hits Ohio.

May you be blessed with a joy filled weekend with no winter funk.

One comment

  • We’re finally experiencing some temps just over freezing and everything is finally melting here (and I saw some blue sky today) so my funk is sunk. Yea! Keep your head above the water and slush, my friend.