Do You Really Want To Be A Significant Other?

In this politically correct world of ours there are numerous “terms of endearment” used by couples when introducing each other.

Some of the terms are:

  • Partner
  • Significant Other
  • Special lady friend
  • Special man friend
  • Special woman friend
  • Special gentleman friend

Gone are the days of boyfriend and girlfriend.  All this in the name of political correctness and so old people who are dating have a “grown up” term to call each other.  Gag!

While all of the above I find ridiculous there is one which is my pet peeve.

Pet Peeve

My pet peeve of the terms is “significant other.”

Other is the noun and significant is the adjective.

That is my aspiration in life – to be an “other” to someone else.  It is rude and condescending to call someone an “other.”

I would rather hear people who are dating introduce each other as “lover” instead of significant other.

Lover implies action for at least one of two reasons, although in today’s society both usually apply:

Before Widowhood

Yes, before I became a widow I thought nothing about the phrase “significant other” but upon becoming a widow, I started to see differently most aspects of life and relationships.

I’ve always been known as one who sees issues from different angles and viewpoints, widowhood just enhanced this skill.

February 14th

So as you celebrate Valentine’s Day one month from today, ask yourself “Do I really want to be a significant other?” and/or “Shouldn’t I be referring to the person I’m dating as something besides an “other?”