The Final Countdown To Sunday 1/13

Good Morning.

In just 2 more short days I will be celebrating the JoyReturns second anniversary.  Woo! Woo!

It seems longer than 2 years and then again, it seems just like yesterday I started blogging.

Now, how to celebrate it? Hmmmmmm.   How about with a SLIDESHOW!  Yes, it is time once again for Michele to do one of her famous Slideshows.  In case you missed any, just click here –

“Welcome To The (Slide) Show.”  

So if you see me and I look a little bleary-eyed, it’s because of the late nights putting it together.  The show will last only 1:10, yes that is all.  But you will be all a buzz about it.

Well I am off to do some work.

Have a day filled with numerous joy filled moments.