A Stick Figure Christmas Carol

My fellow blogger Nicholas thanked me for reblogging his “On the First day of Christmas my Normy gave to me” post.  In his comment he stated he wanted to see some stick figures.   So I decided to amuse  scare him and you.  After dinner tonight I sat down with a lead pencil, a tall, cold glass of chocolate milk and my imagination.  It was then I decided not to publish words but to publish stick figures of my favorite Christmas Carols.

Thank you Nicholas for wanting to see stick figures.  It brought me great joy to share another of my many un-talents.

With out further adieu…here is proof I did not inherit my late father’s ability to draw.  Think I will stick (pun intended) to photography.


"We 3 Kings"
“We 3 Kings”

5 thoughts on “A Stick Figure Christmas Carol

  1. Oh my, this is amazing!! You do realise that your stick men look almost like Joan Miró originals… you could make a fortune! Fantastic post! You’ve made me smile 🙂

  2. Love it! Oh, Michele, you are so much more talented than you realize. And thank you for sparking joyful memories of playing Pictionary. While Mom would be the first pick for a Scrabble team, she was always the last pick in Pictionary. So bad it got to the point where we had to award extra points to the team that chose (ie ended up) her!

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