Good Morning,
I am reblogging this post from The Daily Norm. It is one of my favorite sites because Nicholas can do something I am unable to and that is – draw! His drawing, paintings, and photographs are beautiful. So enjoy exploring his site today and come back often. You will be glad you did. Have a joy filled Thursday.
P.S. Someday I will have to show you my stick figures. (Be afraid, be very afraid.) 😉

The Daily Norm

…a partridge in a Norm-pear tree.

We’re into December and Christmas is but weeks away. Hard to believe really that it’s come around so quickly, but now that my decorations are up, it’s time to get the Norms into gear as well.

This year, as part of the Norms’ celebration of Christmas, the Norms have decided to recount one of their favourite Christmas carols: “The Twelve Days of Christmas” in illustrated form. Now before you say anything, I know that the 12 days of Christmas don’t start until after Christmas day itself, but let’s face facts here, no one is really interested in Christmas much after the Downton Abbey Christmas special has aired at around 10pm on the 25th. So it’s only appropriate that the Norms’ recollection of this much-loved carol is celebrated now, on these heady days leading up to Christmas.

So, as the familiar carol goes, on the…

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