40 + 2 Days of Joy Intro

Welcome to the introduction to my special holiday series 40 +2 Days of Joy.

While designed for the widow who is experiencing her first holiday season without her spouse, the tips and advice are general enough anyone can apply them to their lives.

You will find posts Monday through Friday and the words to my favorite holiday songs on the weekends.

The Most Important Advice

I was listening to a career webinar today and part of the discussion centered around taking ownership of your job search.

Well the same advice applies to your grief this holiday season and through out the years ahead – take ownership of it.  God will give you the strength.

Taking ownership of grief means you will tackle it head-on!  

You will not bury your grief deep down inside where it slowly simmers just waiting to get hot enough to erupt like a volcano.

Someday’s you will lay the smack down on it and some days it will lay the smack down on you.  When it does smack you around this holiday season, give into it.  The sooner you embrace it and get the tears out, the better you will feel.

So are you ready?

You have to want to get through this holiday grief and be willing to do the work necessary, which means taking chances.

The first chance I am asking you to take is to write down 1 thing you are thankful for this morning and before you go to bed tonight.  Then tomorrow write down 2 things you are thankful for, the day after that 3 things every morning and night and so on and so on.  I bet once you get started, you will keep doing it after the 40 + 2 days are up.

Imagine how much Thanksgiving will be filling your heart come January 1, 2013. 

Coming tomorrow – A Special Thanksgiving Post and yes Rommie makes an appearance – see you then. 

Today I am thankful for: Friends & Family