1 Self-Improvement Tip

I have read articles and heard people say a great self-improvement tip is to surround yourself with people better than you. They will lift you up and help you learn, excel and grow into a better, more accomplished individual.

To that I say hogwash!


Because there is no fellow human who is better than me.

Not Better, Just Different

There are people in my life who have fancier titles than me, but that does not make them better –  just different.

There are people in my life whom have a graduate degree, but that does not make them better –  just different.

There are people in my life whom have started a business, but this also does not make them better – just different.

My education, accomplishments and overall life experiences differ from everyone else’s, but that does not make me better than them – just different.

~~ Hopefully we can learn from each other, providing you are open to learning new things. ~ ~

Go Ahead, Make Your Day!

So go ahead and improve yourself, surround yourself with people who are different than you and learn from them.  In doing so you will set yourself as different from other people, because not many people are willing to improve themselves.


Who will you surround yourself with?  What will you learn from their experiences? How will you apply what you learn to your life?

The Only Ones Better Than Me

By the way, there are people who are better than me and you and they are –

The Father, Son and Holy Ghost. 

Coming   Tomorrow: Bring On February 2013!!!

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    1. Glad you love this post. There are plenty of people who will read this and not wake up. Hope all is well. Have a blessed day Maureen.

  1. I suspect those articles might have been referring to skill competency, rather than content if character. For example, I could learn a lot from spending time with more experienced graphic designers and teachers.

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