Please Think About This

Before casting your vote tomorrow, please think about this:

Who is going to be the best President for this country?

Please do not base your decision on one little itty bitty piece of the puzzle like the so-called “War on Women”, or who will tax businesses the most.

Look at the big picture: who will do the best job at getting this country back to on it’s feet?

  • Is it the one who has already had almost 4 years?
  • Or is it the one who turned the 2002 Olympics around?
  • Is it the party who likes to tax businesses (small, medium and large) to death?
  • Or is it the party who goes easier on businesses so they have money to hire people?

However you answer these and other questions pertaining to the candidates positions, please go vote tomorrow.

Remember what Spock and Captain Kirk said in “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn”

Spock: “The needs of the many outweigh…”

Kirk: “the needs of the few…”

Spock: “or the one.”

No matter who is elected, may you

Live long and prosper.


“Star Trek II:  The Wrath of Kahn”

5 thoughts on “Please Think About This”

  1. Four years is not long enough to clean up eight years of bad economic and foreign policy. This is why I early voted for Obama 🙂

    1. All that is necessary to jump start the economy is to quit taxing small, medium and large size businesses to death. That way they have money to hire people.

      Foreign policy: Telling the CIA to stand down during a planned terrorist attack. As the folks at Guinness say: BRILLIANT!

      1. Corporations are doing just fine. Fat cats are getting fatter at the expense of the working man and woman. Many of those corps are paying little if any taxes. I agree that small businesses should get a break.

        I don’t know what Romney really stands for. I think he says what people want to hear. I think he feels entitled — that because his father ran for office and lost that he is owed the job of president. Or I could be misinterpreting him.

        I an vety surprised that youre supporting Romney. After all the unemployment extensions that Obama signed, I’d have thought he was your candidate of choice.

      2. I wish he would have done something to jump start the economy so all the unemployment extensions were not necessary. His only objective was to get a health care tax put through.

      3. I agree, but understand that this was the biggest economic collapse since the great depression. It’s just going to take time. Plus, once corps downsize, they get used to being “lean” and don’t want to create jobs — they’d rather overwork the people they already have. So jobs that went away are likely never going to come back — not because of Democratic legislation — because of corporate greed.

        I’m just surprised after your negative experience with big business that you would favor someone who (to me) seems to care more about corporations than the working class.

        I like Obama, but back in the 2008 primaries, I voted for Hillary, so Obama is actually not my top choice. None of the pols are perfect (I know, this is an understatement!) and after having my early political views shaped (badly) by Nixon, I’ll never be a “true believer” in any politician.

        Ultimately, no matter who wins today, the sun will still rise again tomorrow. We will get up and carry on with our lives and hopefully still be the UNITED States of America.

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