If I Were To Write An E-Book

…what topic or topics would you want me to write about? 

Copyblogger has challenged it’s readers to write an ebook during November.  This is a different take on the yearly NaNoWriMo challenge to write a novel in November.    The novel would basically be a rough draft.  Now, writing a novel does not sound like fun to me but an e-book sound interesting.

While I have ideas in mind, I decided to ask my readers as well.  So leave your suggestions in the comments section or email me at michele dot kearns at joyreturns.com.

I will be leaving this post up for at least 48 hours so you have plenty of time to leave your comments.

Thank you for your ideas and for reading my blog.

God bless you and your family,


2 thoughts on “If I Were To Write An E-Book”

  1. Your writing is inspiring, so I would ask you to write ” A Survival guide for Widows and their families” Michelle, your inspiration and fun is needed for this book ! Your book would not be another dry what to do guide. Your book would be a journey for a family that would help them grow stronger !!!

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