“Don’t Worry, God Will Provide”

“Don’t Worry, God Will Provide”

That sentiment or something similar is what a lot of widows and job seekers hear.   People just pat us on the back and with a cocky, arrogant tone say “Don’t Worry, God Will Provide.”  They actually think all the widows, unemployed and others in trouble need to do is sit and wait for God to:

  • Have a single man just appear at the door.
  • Have a new car mysteriously appear in the driveway.
  • Have cash fall from the sky and land on the doorstep.
  • Have a shopping cart filled with groceries suddenly materialize in the kitchen.
  • Have someone call and offer a person in transition a $75,000 a year job, without even interviewing for it.

How He Provides

He provides by sending you into my life and the lives of others.

So when you meet someone going through times of trouble don’t pat them on the back and say “God will provide.”  He already has provided for them – He’s provided you.

Now do something to help the widow, widower, the divorced, the unemployed and others in trouble because one day it may be you in desperate need.  You will not want to hear “Don’t Worry, God Will Provide.”

Weekend Homework Assignment

So this weekend, help someone experiencing one of life’s nasty events.

Remember YOU are how God provides for them.