3 Benefits To Dating A Widow

Afraid of dating someone who suddenly became a widow and at a young age? Well here are 3 benefits to dating a widow.

“Precious and Few”

She knows just how quickly life can change. Therefore, the moments you spend together are precious.  This gives her a greater appreciation for life and the little things such as a walk together on a beach, cold winter evenings snuggling by the fireplace, or sitting under the stars on a warm summer evening.


A widow has a renewed passion and purpose for living.  This stems not only from recognizing life is precious but from figuring out who she is now and her plans for her life.

In order to figure out her passion, purpose and the impact they are going to have on her new life, she had to do a lot of self-analysis and reflection.  This could have involved fasting & praying, taking self-assessment tests, talking to family and friends or any combination of these and other options.

No matter how she figured out her passion and purpose, it was hard work and a lot of thought went into her decisions.

 “I Made It Through The Rain”

Dating a widow means dating someone with strength and determination to move forward with life.  Making the decision to move forward was hard but taking the step necessary was even harder.

It takes a lot to trudge through the storm grief causes day after day, after day, after day and yet do the things needed to make forward progress.  The grief storm winds keep blowing and blowing trying to stop a widow from moving forward.  The grief wants to beat down a widow so she gives up and stays stuck in grief.


“Then one day the sun appears

And we come through those lonely years”

I Made It Through The Rain 

Barry Manilow

Isn’t that the type of person with whom you want to share life, someone with the strength and determination to survive life’s storms?

Bonus Thought

If you are dating a widow, give thanks to God for her previous husband and their marriage.

Your relationship with her would not be what it is, if it were not for their life together.