“Searching For Unicorns” – A Review of “Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs”

 “Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs” 

“The Skills Gap and What Companies Can Do About It”

By Peter Cappelli

Mr. Peter Cappelli makes explains why good people can’t get jobs in 6 chapters covering just 89 pages, with the information being well researched.

Since Peter Cappelli is the George W. Taylor Professor of Management at The Wharton School and Director of Wharton’s Center for Human Resources, people take what he says seriously but when those in transition say it, they are called whiners.

“Your Never Gonna See No Unicorns”

In his book, he mentions what job seekers have known for a long time.  Employers are

“searching for unicorns – “perfect” fits for what are often imperfectly described and listed jobs.

(page 79) 

Several jobs are often combined into one with the applicant expecting to know software required to do all the jobs.  Even if there is only one vacancy, companies include all the necessary expertise into the job description making it harder for any applicant to be a perfect fit.


There are numerous myths busted in his book, including the “skills gap” and the “not enough college graduates” myths.  He also examines the hiring process and all its flaws including applicant tracking systems.


Not only does Mr. Cappelli explain the problems, he also provides solutions. However the solutions require cooperation from corporate America.

The question is will corporate America listen and act upon Mr. Cappelli’s suggestions?  

So Much

It was hard trying to figure out what to put in this post.  There is so much valuable information I could write blog posts for at least a week and quite possibly longer.

Please get this book and when done reading it, pass it on.  People need to understand why good people are unable to get jobs.

Thank You

Thank you Peter Cappelli for giving credibility to what us job-seekers have known all along but were never taken seriously.

Hopefully what you have said will not fall on deaf ears.